The dcachestats program

dcachestats - print statistics about a dcache file


dcachestats <DCACHE


dcachestats prints statistics about a cache file read from the standard input


do not lock cache. It's not safe to rely on the values read.
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Output format.
Show version: dcachestats (dcache) 0.6.1-beta2.
Show a list of options or the long help on one. The use with an argument shows the long help text of that option, without an argument it will list all options.
Show longer help texts for all or one option.


dcachestats <cache

  Shows the statistics about 'cache'.


The tool prints:

- version

  Cache format version.

- slots

  The absolute number of slots in the hash area.

- slotsinuse

  The number of slots in use.

- slotuselimit

  The maximum number of slots used. `slots - slotuselimit' slots will be
  left free.

- datalimit

  The maximum size of the data in the data area.

- writepos

  New records will be inserted here.

- deletepos

  If space in data or hash area is needed then the record at this
  position will be deleted.

- lastpos

  Position of the byte after the highest record in the data area.

- datainuse

  Approximation of the bytes used by data records. This does not account
  deleted records as one would expect.

- inserted

  The number of insertions done.

- deleted

  The number of deletions done.

- slot-moves

  Copy operations needed to restore the collision chains after a record
  has been deleted. A `high' number is bad and means that the hash
  function is inappropriate.

- need-replay

  Shows whether there are unfinished transactions: 'yes' or 'no'.


Copyright (C) 2003,2004,2005 Uwe Ohse.

The software comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

This package is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. Later versions of the GPL may or may not apply, see


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dcachelist(1) lists the content of a dcache. dcache_intro(7) is the introduction to dcache.

The dcache homepage is at