The dcachelist program

dcachelist - list the records of a cache file.


dcachelist [options] <DCACHE


dcachelist lists the record in DCACHE to the standard output.


-i, --ignore-expire
ignore expiration date The default is to honor the expiration date and therefore to not list expired records.
-m, --machine
machine readable output format. This dumps the hash table.
A description of the output format.
Caveats you might want to know about.
Where to find related information.
Usage examples.
Show version: dcachelist (dcache) 0.6.1-beta2.
Show a list of options or the long help on one. The use with an argument shows the long help text of that option, without an argument it will list all options.
Show longer help texts for all or one option.


dcachelist <dcache

  lists the content of dcache.

dcachelist -m <dcache

  lists the content in a different format.

dcachelist -i <dcache

  also shows expired records.


By default the following information is printed, with one line per record:

  An index number.
  The expiration time, if not empty, as tai64n label.
  The data length.
  The key.

Control characters, white space and the backslash character will be backslash-escaped (\\20 stands for a space, \\5c for a backslash).

Machine readable output format is printed as one information per line. The first character on each line is a tag.

  # The index number.
  S The slot where the record should be (it may be somewhere else in
    case of collisions).
  I The key, followed by a newline. The key is encoded as describe above.
  P The position of the record in the file.
  H The hash of the key.
  @ The expiration time - if any.
  L The data length.


This command is meant to print an overview of what is in the cache. Use dcachedump(1) instead if the keys might contain non-printable characters.


Copyright (C) 2003,2004,2005 Uwe Ohse.

The software comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

This package is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. Later versions of the GPL may or may not apply, see


Uwe Ohse, <>.


Please report bugs to <>


dcachedump(1) dumps a dcache. dcache_intro(7) is the introduction to dcache.

The dcache homepage is at