The dcachereplay program

dcachereplay - execute committed transactions on a dcache


dcachereplay CACHE


dcachereplay executes committed, but not yet finished, transactions on CACHE. It may be called even if there are no unfinished transactions.

dcachereplay exits with 0 if there was no unfinished transaction or if it was able to finish it.


-N, --no-sync
Do not fsync cache to disk. The default is to call fsync, which waits until the data has been written to disk. This is costly but safe. Using this option is not recommended unless speed is the premium.
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dcachereplay cache

  The only recommended usage.


Copyright (C) 2003,2004,2005 Uwe Ohse.

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dcachestats(1) shows whether a replay is needed. dcache_intro(7) is the introduction to dcache.

The dcache homepage is at