The dcachedump program

dcachedump - dump a dcache to the standard output.


dcachedump [options] <DCACHE


dcachedump dumps the content of CACHE to the standard output.


-i, --ignore-expire
Ignore expiration dates, if any. The default is to not dump expired records.
-n, ---no-newline
Don't print the final newline. A final newline character is needed for dcachemake.
Do not print expiration dates. The output format will be compatible with that of cdb if you use this option.
A description of the output format.
Where to find related information.
Usage examples.
Show version: dcachedump (dcache) 0.6.1-beta2.
Show a list of options or the long help on one. The use with an argument shows the long help text of that option, without an argument it will list all options.
Show longer help texts for all or one option.


dcachedump -n <cache >file

  dumps the content of cache to file.

dcachedump <old-cache | dcachemake -M 1024 new-cache

  copies the content of one cache to a new one with 1GB of space.

(dcachedump -n <cache1 ; dcachedump <cache2 ) | dcachemake -a cache3

  adds the content of cache1 and cache2 to cache3.


Each record is printed as follows:




where the symbols have this meaning:

  +     A `plus' character.
  KL    The length of KEY, as a series of decimal digits.
  ,     A comma.
  DL    The length of DATA, as a series of decimal digits.
  @     An `at' character. This is only printed if followed by EXPIRE.
  EXP   An expiration date, if the record has one.
  :     A colon.
  KEY   The key, as a series of 8bit characters.
  ->    A minus sign followed by a `larger' sign.
  DATA  The data, as a series of 8bit characters.
  NL    A newline character (\\n, 0x0a).

EXPIRE is not printed if the --no-expire-data option is in use. By default another NEWLINE is printed after the last record. Note that there is no space between DATA and NL.


Copyright (C) 2003,2004,2005 Uwe Ohse.

The software comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

This package is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. Later versions of the GPL may or may not apply, see


Uwe Ohse, <>.


Please report bugs to <>


dcachemake(1) creates a dcache. dcache_intro(7) is the introduction to dcache.

The dcache homepage is at