2004-08-16 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.7.1
check: fix uscheduleruntimelimit test for the SIGTERM/KILL case, don't
depend on exitcode 15, work around the "bla bla Terminated"
misfeature of bash and "Killed" misfeature of OpenBSD /bin/sh.
bug: fix uscheduleruntimelimit exit code in case the child was killed
by a signal.
doc: spelling fixes in uschedule.1.in, uscheduled.8.in

2004-08-15 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
check: check uscheduleruntimelimit
check: check uschedule --every

2004-08-12 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: added pre-commit.ChangeLog trigger.
ui: implemented --every option
version: 0.7.1-beta5

2004-08-10 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: uscheduleconf makes base directory sticky for daemontools <0.75.
ui: uschedulelist -S shows the command in addition to the usual
list output.
ui: add uscheduleruntimelimit tool.
ui: uschedule accepts + as synonym for / in TIMESPEC.
check: send compiler warnings/stdout to /dev/null.
internal: some library functions updated from the repository.
internal: uschedulecmd.c uschedulecp.c svscan_conf.c: buffer_op_t renamed
to buffer_op.

2004-05-19 <uwe@tirka.ohse.de>
internal: switch to new uogetopt.

2004-05-16 <uwe@tirka.ohse.de>
internal: some library functions updated from the repository.

2004-05-13 <uwe@tirka.ohse.de>
bug: uschedulelist -s showed the "next" time as "last" time.
Noted by Andrew A. Raines.

2003-03-07 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: remove a number of icc warnings.
internal: build tools allow for easier compiler/linker configuration.
ui: uschedulerm now tells if it hasn't removed any job for a given
commandline argument.

2003-03-06 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
doc: fix "how to report success"
ui: added suggestion when notice() can't signal the daemon.
ui: added +dd:hh:mm:ss to uschedule.
doc: fix installation instructions.

2003-03-05 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: uschedule now attempts to complete incomplete timespecs.
check: check this.

2003-03-03 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.7.0
ui: uscheduleconf now has a --no-user-change option.

2003-03-03 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: change !str_equal to str_diff.
internal: cleanup include handling, remove nowarn.h.
bugfix: uscheduleconf treated a logusername "-" wrong -> security breach.
Impact: multilog ran as root. Noted by Zas <zas@norz.org>.
Fix: remove "-" user and loguser cases, simplify critical code
ui: changed the way PATH is built.
doc: document that. document environment variables in env/, too.
Document how PATH is constructed.
package: add note about security problem to package installation.

2003-02-27 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: sync library against uolib (now uses mssort instead of qsort).
ui: implement -. option whereever it may be useful.

2003-02-24 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: replace qsort with shell sort.

2002-10-28 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.6.1
bug: manual pages not installed

2002-10-16 <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: implement start/end date+times in the programs.
check: check that.
version: 0.6.0
ui: uschedulelist now prints months in the 1..12 range, not 0..11.
internal: updated library files from the repository, mostly PD clarification.

2002-05-15 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
check: add a number of set -e to subshell calls.

2001-12-05 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bug: oversight: uschedulecmd should have had uogo_posixmode set, so
options given to the child command would not have been
interpreted as options for uschedulecmd. Now uogo_posixmode
is set in all programs (consistency).

2001-11-18 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: removed superfluous includes. (uschedule.c, uschedulecmd.c,
internal: use wrappers around stat, ctime, qsort, strftime in many places.
(uschedulerm.c, print_job.c, uscheduleedit.c, uschedulecmd.c,
uscheduled.c, uschedulelist.c)
version: 0.5.8

2001-11-02 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bug: uscheduleconf misconfigured the service if a log account was
version: 0.5.7

2001-10-29 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bug: fix stupid configuration bug. uscheduleconf included a buggy exec
call. I never caught that since it only hurts after some time and
all my long-running installations (as opposed to test ones) are
from before the time this bug went in (early september). Thanks
to Gerrit Pape.
XXX need a check for this.
version: 0.5.6

2001-10-23 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: use new API around dirent.h. Fixes possible problem when
a directory gets modified in the time we read it.
Impact: make_id.c load_jobs.c uschedulelist.c api_dir.c api_dir.h
bug: self check still failed on systems with a different ls implementation.
version: 0.5.5

2001-10-20 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
doc: uschedulecmd.1.in incorrectly used uschedulejob as name of the
uschedulecmd command. Noted by kromJx <kromJx@crosswinds.net>.
bug: uscheduleconf created a job starting scheduled, not uscheduled.
Noted by Alexander Lazic.
ui: Typos fixed in parse_timespec.c, by kromJx <kromJx@crosswinds.net>.
bug: self check failed if the local machine had a time zone other than
UTC. Noted by multiple people, Roy Lanek may have been the first.
bug: self check failed if the file system blocksize was different from
the one used on all of my developement machines.
version: 0.5.4

2001-09-18 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
doc: fixed bug in intro.html

2001-09-07 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: added resource limits to uscheduleconf
doc: added security warnings for uscheduleconf
doc: added details to intro.
check: some test behaved differently when run as root. removed them.
check: start docheck with empty environment
internal: iopause.sh left temporary files.
internal: fixed packaging bug
version: 0.5.3 (0.5.2 was internal)

2001-09-06 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: created package.check
internal: updated a number of scripts from the repository
internal: switched to auto-xxx filenames for most of the automatically
generated things.
ui: changed "schedule" to "uschedule" in a number of strings.
ui: change permission handling to be more restrictive
check: added additional check.
doc: fixed intro.
version: 0.5.1

2001-08-17 <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
version: 0.5.0
comment: first internal release