This document describes how to download, compile, test and install strhash.

System requirements:

The strhash package is meant to be compiled under UNIX and -lookalikes. The library source files should compile with any ANSI C compiler.

Downloading strhash:

The latest published strhash package is strhash-0.6.0.tar.gz.

Unpack the package:

  gunzip strhash-0.6.0.tar.gz
  tar -xf strhash-0.6.0.tar
  cd strhash-0.6.0

Compile the programs:

$ make

How to test:

$ make check
This runs a couple of small self checks.

Actual installation of strhash:

Only the manual pages are installed. The library source files are not automatically installed, you have to copy them into your project by hand.

As root, install the manual pages under /usr/local:
$ make install

Alternatively you may install them into a different place: $ make nochown=true prefix=/home/me install


The strhash homepage