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utftpd: a TFTP server

utftpd is a TFTP server with fine-grained access control, support for blksize (RFC 2348) and timeout options, and support for revision control. You can assign three different kinds of rights to every client:
the right to read a file.
the right to write to an already existing file.
the right to create a file.
Clients may be specified by a single ip address or a range of addresses or by ip address and mask. Revision control is optional and will never be turned on automatically for any file (you have to do the initial checkin into by hand). utftpd is free software and released under the GNU General Public Licence. The package uses GNU autoconf and is aimed to be portable, though i suspect that there will be some work needed to really get it to compile cleanly on different systems (it's still an early version).

Mailing list:

To subscribe send a mail to uwe-utftpd-subscribe@bulkmail.ohse.de.

Downloading utftpd

The lastest release is utftpd-0.2.4.tar.gz.

On Solaris and possibly other operating systems you will have to change this line in utftpd.c:

to to get this through the compiler. Sorry for this.

Recent changes

Future developement

Nothing of this is likely to happen anytime soon.