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rlogin client for BeOS

The rlogin protocol, described in RFC 1282, is a simple remote login protocols. It's comparable to the telnet protocol, but rlogin is as primitive as telnet is complex.
rlogin servers can generally be configured to allow a passwordless login, through .rhost files in the home directory. telnet servers typically do not provide such a possibilty (which is a security risk, unless you exactly know what you are doing).

Download the source.
  1. BeOS lacks out-of-band message handling, which the rlogin server uses to signal the client that it should do something special (change XON/XOFF mode, send terminal size). Out-of-band messages are mixed in the normal data stream, and there's no perfect way to recognize them out - unlike telnet rlogin doesn't have a special escape sequence prefix for the OOB data.
    This client tries to somehow hack around this, but since the special characters are 0x02 (ctrl-B), 0x10 (ctrl-P), 0x20 (the main problem: this is the space char) and 0x80 (nothing special), this cannot be done perfectly.

    What happens?

    • sometimes a superfluous space will be seen. Ignore, it's only on this screen.
    • sometimes escape sequences may be garbled (you may see "[nn;xxm" on the screen). Ignore too.
    Both misfeatures most often happen while you edit a text, text editors (even vi clones, elvis is worse in this regards than vim) tend to make the server send OOBs.


    • this affects only the output, not what you send.
    • output can be redrawn with `^L' (ctrl-L).
  2. some of the I/O handling options are not implemented (litout mode, i never saw a use of it).
  3. 7bit mode is implemented, but ISTRIP is ignored by BeOS ( why the heck?)
  4. due to the OOB hacks this client _cannot_ be used for applications which need a clean data stream - zmodem comes to mind.

Why do i publish this?
It's somewhat usable, really. It's just not perfect. And if you hate to type in your password too often - like me - then is program might save you.

It's good enough for me to connect to my lines machine and read news with trn, mail with mutt and use ssh to connect to the world.

none. I've given up on the BeOS.