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The mosquitoget program

mosquitoget - Read dive profiles from a suunto mosquito dive computer.


mosquitoget [options]


mosquitoget reads dive profiles and / or configuration memory from suunto mosquito dive computers. In the default operation mode mosquitoget saves each dive profile into one file, stopping when it discovers that a file (dive profile) already exists. The dive profile files may be changed using text editors, for example to add comments.


-1, --to-stdout
Print all profiles to stdout. In this mode mosquitoget will not stop until all profiles have been read.
-a, --all
Get all profiles. mosquitoget will not stop when it detects what a dive profile already exists in the target directory, but will skip this profile.
-b, --bottle-volume=VOLUME
Bottle volume in liter. This really is the volume, not the result of the multiplucation of pressure and volume. In other words: 'volume' is the amount of water you could fill in, not the volume the air had outside of the cylinder.
-B, --buddies=NAME[S]
Include NAME[S] into dive information. By default the buddy information will be empty
-c, --config-only
Don't read profiles, print configuration to stdout.
-C, --comment=COMMENT
Include COMMENT into dive information. By default there will be not comment. Only the last comment given on the command line is honored. Edit the dive profile file to include additional comments.
-d, --device=DEVICE
Talk to the device computer attached to DEVICE. The default device name is /dev/ttyS0.
-D, --dir=DEV
Save profiles to DIR. The default is to save to the current directory.
-e, --end-pressure=PRESSURE
Bottle pressure at end of dive. Append the unit to the number as in '750psi', though you would not need to append 'bar', which is the default unit. This will only be used for the latest dive read. Note that this option will be ignored if the dive profile contains information about the pressure.
-E, --equipment=EQUIPMENT
Include EQUIPMENT into dive information. By default the equipment information will be empty.
-m, --get-mem=XX:NN
Read NN bytes of memory starting at position XX. Both values are to be given in decimal numbers. The output will be sent to the standard output.
-p, --profiles
Get profiles (this is the default operation). The program will create one file for each dive. By default this file will contain the configuration memory of the computer. Use the --without-config option to turn this off. The program stops when it detects another file with the same name, unless the --all option is used, in which case it not overwrite older files, but skip that dive. Use the --dir option to save files into another directory.
-P, --place=PLACE
Include PLACE into dive information. By default the place information will be empty.
-s, --start-pressure=PRESSURE
Bottle pressure at start of dive. This is very much like --end-pressure.
-v, --verbose
Be verbose.
Usage examples.
Known limitations.
Where to find related information.
Show known units.
Show warnings.
Show version: mosquitoget (mosquitotools) 0.1.2.
Show a list of options or the long help on one. The use with an argument shows the long help text of that option, without an argument it will list all options.
Show longer help texts for all or one option.


Read the latest dive profiles through /dev/ttyS9:
  mosquitoget --device /dev/ttyS9
Get all profiles not already found in /tmp:
  mosquitoget --device=/dev/XXXX --dir /tmp --all
Show the first 128 bytes of memory:
  mosquitoget --device=/dev/XXXX --get-mem 0:128
Get new profiles setting cylinder information:
  mosquitoget --device=/dev/XXXX --bottle-volume=10liter \\
  --start-pressure=205bar --end-pressure=75bar
One could leave out the units in this case, since liter and bar are the defaults.


Pressure may be given as 1.23unit, with unit being one of:
  bar (default), mbar, hpa, kpa, atm, psi.

Volumes may be given as 1.23unit, with unit being one of:

  liter (default), cuft.

Lengths may be given as 1.23unit, with unit being one of:

  m or meter (default), cm, mm, f or foot, yard.


mosquitoget has not been tested against an original suunto interface, and has not been tested against other suunto dive computers. A few of them may work.


This software is still in an early testing stage and may contain serious flaws. Do not bet your life on it!


Copyright (C) 2003 Uwe Ohse.

The software comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

For now this package it is subject to the conditions found in http://www.ohse.de/uwe/licenses/UO-GPL-TEST but it will be free software in the future.


Uwe Ohse, uwe@ohse.de.


Please report bugs to mosquitotools@lists.ohse.de


mosquitograph(1) turns dive profiles into pictures. dive-profile(5) describes the dive profile data format. make-dive-profile(1) creates dive profiles.

The mosquitotools have a mailing list. Send an empty mail to mosquitotools-subscribe@bulkmail.ohse.de to subscribe to it.

The mosquitotools homepage is at