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Mosquitotools demonstration pages

Many of the following pages contain some PNG pictures of smaller size, making them nontheless slow to load. These pictures are converted postscript pictures and have generally a much lower quality than the postscript originals, which are offered for download below the PNG pictures.
The postscript files have sizes of up to 350 KB (as of 2003-07-25).
mosquitoget demonstration
how to read dives and show configuration and memory of the dive computer.
make-deco-table demonstration
how to create decompression tables using make-deco-table
make-dive-profile demonstration
how to create dive profiles using make-dive-profile
mosquitograph basics
Turning dive profiles into pictures using mosquitograph
mosquitograph tissue saturation
Showing tissue saturation using mosquitograph
more mosquitograph features
mosquitograph can show ascend/descend speeds and
Using nitrox
mosquitograph and make-dive-profile can deal with nitrox, too. no decompressio times.
multiple mosquitograph features combined
using mosquitograph for freediving