2003-09-19 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.1.2
doc: document n2 gas switch. [make-dive-profile.c]
check: check n2 gas switch of make-dive-profile.c [docheck check.exp]

2003-09-19 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: implement gas switch (n2 percentage only)
[divedata.h f_mosquitoget.c make-dive-profile.c mosquitograph.c]
ui: implement vytec gas switch code. [mosquitoget.c]
bug: fix big circle problem temporary [mosquitograph.c]

2003-09-10 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
doc: make-deco-table --deco-step list order clarification.
bug: make-deco-table in feet mode triggered high oxygen percentage
warning too early. [make-deco-table.c]
bug: make-deco-table in feet mode did print ascend/descent speed in
meters. [make-deco-table.c]

2003-09-09 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: add join-dive-profiles
version: 0.1.1

2003-08-23 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: rewrote make-deco-table to allow feet and more flexible deco steps.

2003-07-25 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.1.0