Shift/Tilt Lenses for 35mm cameras

Maker Lense Function Mount (Note3) Comment
Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 L Tilt/Shift EF 1991.
Olymus 24mm/3.5 Shift OM 1984
Nikon PC 28mm/3.5 Shift F 1981
Nikon PC 28mm/4 Shift F 1975
Pentax SMC A 28mm/3.5 Shift Shift Pentax K
Schneider-Kreuznach PC Super Angulon 28mm/2.8 Shift Note4 Also labelled Rollei PC Super Angulon, Leitz PC Super Angulon-R
Zavod Arsenal Arsat 35mm/2.8 PCS Shift Tilt Tilt/Shift Note 2 See Note 1
Zavod Arsenal Arsat 35mm/2.8 PCS Shift Shift Note 2 See Note 1
Canon TS 35mm/2.8 SSC Tilt/Shift FD 1973.
Minolta CA 35mm/2.8 Shift MD Likely to be identical to another one with VFC in the name. Sometimes called MC or MD 35/2.8)
Nikon PC 35mm/2.8 Shift F 1. version 1968, 2. version 1976, 3. version 1980
Nikon PC 35mm/3.5 Shift F 1962
Olymus 35mm/2.8 Shift OM 1976
Zeiss PC Distagon T* 35mm/2.8 Shift Y/C, Rollei R Also labelled Rollei PC Distagon HFT
Schneider-Kreuznach PA Curtagon 35mm/4 Shift Note5 Also labelled Rollei PC Curtagon/Shift, Carl Zeiss PA Curtagon, Leitz PA-Curtagon-R or Alpa-PA-Curtagon
Canon TS-E 45mm/2.8 Tilt/Shift EF 1991
Hartblei MC 3.5/65 mm TS PC Super Rotator Shift/Tilt Nikon C (??), Canon EOS
Zavod Arsenal MC Arsat PC Shift Tilt 2.8/80mm Shift/Tilt Note 2 See Note 1. There may also be 80mm shift lenses without tilt functionality.
Hartblei MC 2.8/80 mm TS PC Super Rotator Shift/Tilt Nikon F (AI), Canon EOS
Nikon Micro-PC 85mm/2.8 D Tilt/Shift F (AF-D) 1999.
Canon TS-E 90mm/2.8 Tilt/Shift EF 1991
Hartblei MC 2.8/120 mm Tilt Shift PC Super Rotator Shift/Tilt Nikon C (??), Canon EOS


  1. Arsat lenses are often relabelled as Kievusa, B.I.G. or Zenit. Arax may be another name for them.
  2. Arsat lenses are available with Nikon F, Canon EF and FD, Minolta "Dynax" and MD, Contax/Yashica, Olympus OM, Leica R, M42 and Pentax K mounts, according to the brenner catalogue.
  3. The mount information is likely to be wrong, incomplete or misleading. I'm by no means an expert for camera mount types.
  4. The PC-Super Angulon 2,8/28mm may be available with Canon FD and EF, Contax/Yashica, M42 (Pentax Screw), Minolta, Minolta AF, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax (K) and Rollei mounts. The mount of these versions is changable.
    There is also a version with Leica-R mount available through Leica.
  5. The PA-Curtagon 35/4mm was available with Alpa, Exakta, M42 and Rollei mounts. There may have been more mount types, and the mount of these lense may have been changeable, too.

Any information presented on this page may be out of date or wrong. Check against other sources before wasting money.

This list deliberately does not include prices and availability information.

Other possibilities

Zörk offers a shift adapter for medium format, which allows, together with a medium to 35mm format adapter, to use a large number of medium format lenses a shift/tilt lenses. It's not really inexpensive. Keep in mind that medium format lenses do not need to have a very good resolution, so that results will in many cases not match that of first class 35mm lenses.

Another possibility is the Horseman View Camera Converter. It isn't exactly cheap, too, and quite heavy (over one KG without lense, IIUC). It uses large format lenses, which do even less need very high resolutions.

One may also find bellows offering shifting and tilting, like the Nikon PB-4.


Written, based on information gathered in the newsgroup de.rec.fotografie (Helmut Faugel, Andreas Schmidt, Frank Schliffke, Oliver Schliffke, Olaf Ulrich, Peter Stöcklein), google and Kadlubeks Lens Catalogue.
Updated: Zavod Arsenal is maker of Arsat lenses (thanks to Roman J. Rohleder).
Updated: Meant to write Minolta "MC or MD 35/2.8", not "MC or MC". Included mount information (hopefully right). HTML 4.01 strict.
Updated: Included the Alpa-PA-Curtagon and more information about the Schneider mount types (Ralf C. Kohlrausch, Andreas Schmidt).
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Updated: Added two hartblei lenses, mentioned arax.